Recent work-Ceramics

Been attending ceramics classes with my daughter…some of our work below! Learned that “Shino” glaze should always be under other glazes if you want practical, useable pieces, otherwise you have bubbles that break and become very unhygienic, you can see the little craters on the plate in the centre of the plate group, although I do love the effect these cannot be the dinner plates I had in mind!

The Tea Tre (dragon skin tea pot) is the most recent piece…it is a double walled slab build, the pattern is an imprint from a crocheted table cloth. Using white clay, after bisque firing it received a wash of red Iron Oxide, then a dip in Ash glaze, which I then rubbed back to expose areas of clay and red oxide. Finally, I painted some purple oxide wash over the top.


I will be participating in the CAOS event with Kendra Haste, John Stillman, Neal Vaughan, Abel Kesteven and others…CAOS Flyer 3mm bleed.jpg


Everlasting blossoms created by hand from merino wool and silk.

5 for £70 many colour combinations possible.IMG_6115.JPGIMG_6118.JPGIMG_6121.JPGIMG_6113.JPGIMG_6881.JPGIMG_6977.JPGIMG_6941.JPG

Fund Raiser

Blue MoonJoin us at Carshalton  Water Tower to help raise funds for Nepal’s earthquake victims


Does nature still exist beyond google glass and laptop interfaces? Yes indeed!

Design that treasures hand made processes over industrial production.

Filled with awe of the process of creation.

Letting materials do what comes naturally to them.

Dying with plants foraged in London. Colour is everywhere if you know where to look.

Inspired by weathered rock, brittle surfaces, subtle bark, cracked earth, great expanses of desert and mountain ranges.